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The Point of Purchase Software System:

P.O.P.S.S. has been specifically designed to meet P.O.P. business requirements.

A software system should be a tool to help the operation and management of a business.   P.O.P.S.S.  can be a valuable tool for the unique requirements of a P.O.P. company.
Meet AKA Software Services:
AKA Software Services does much more than just sell software systems.   We are a "full range" provider of software services.   AKA Software Services is a Business Application Software company dedicated to the support and service of our clients.   Based on your company's needs, we will be there to support you in every step of the implementation process.   We can provide training, an implementation plan and schedule, on site support during the early critical phases of the installation, data conversion programming, trouble shooting and user support on problems - by phone conversation, by Remote Diagnostics, or actual on site support.
With AKA Software Services you will not be left on your own to implement your system.   We have been involved in hundreds of successful system installations and we have been working specifically with Display companies since 1982.   AKA Software Services knows software systems and we know the P.O.P. business.
AKA Software Services is dedicated to providing software solutions for P.O.P. Display companies.   Not only have we developed P.O.P.S.S.  specifically for your business, but we also understand the effort required to implement a new computer software system.   Our knowledge and experience gives us the ability to support your company in this effort.   We understand how to implement the system in small, palatable steps so that your company will have a smooth transition.
Nobody can guarantee a problem free system startup, but AKA can guarantee our involvement in a successful installation.
P.O.P.S.S. will be a valuable tool in helping you manage your business and maximize your utilization of the technology available today.



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Point Of Purchase Software System


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P.O.P.S.S.Text Box: P.O.P.S.S. Functionality
New product development per order.
Quick reaction to order changes.
Short job life cycles.

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