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P.O.P.S.S. will gather data about a job as it is defined through normal daily operations.  There is no overwhelming task requiring order details to be defined at any one time (other than the regular pressures of the business). You will not have to enter anything into the computer system just for the sake of satisfying the computer system. As you use P.O.P.S.S. you will perform your normal daily tasks on the computer system. The work will be similar to job tasks performed already, but done more quickly and efficiently on the computer. And the system will eliminate many of the more laborious and repetitive tasks currently performed manually.

The P.O.P. industry faces unique problems in computerizing its business, but there is a growing industry demand for automation in order to remain competitive. The current accelerated pace of the industry requires new levels of productivity and cost efficiencies. P.O.P.S.S. provides you with the tools to increase productivity - saving time and money. Today's technology will enable your company with telecommunications capabilities. You can distribute timely and accurate notification of job revisions to the right people. Computerization can improve response times with rapid calculations of new Cost Estimates for multiple "what if" scenarios - for multiple versions, run configurations and order quantities. The integrated system will provide Customer Service and Production Management with an accurate status of each job in production, a complete production schedule, and the effect of changes. Job Cost Recap reports are available comparing actual to estimated costs for each material, operation, tool or other miscellaneous cost. 

AKA Software Services, Inc. is particularly qualified to develop and support a P.O.P. software system. We have extensive experience in software development and computer support for Display companies.   AKA Software Services personnel enjoy working in the P.O.P. Display field and applying our computer software expertise in this arena. It is an interesting and challenging business with some unique issues which software developers need to address. 

However, we think there are also some unique and important benefits for a Display company to derive from a good P.O.P. software system. We believe a P.O.P. company with a good computer system - a fully integrated "closed loop" computer software system - has a significant advantage over competition. Besides the internal company benefits, you can also enhance your client relationships.  There are more and better methods for communications, and you have new opportunities to provide services and build your relationship with the customer.

Companies in the Display business will realize immediate benefits including the tracking of jobs, reacting to changes, seeing where your costs are accumulating, etc. With a good system all data and information about your jobs become readily available. With all your sub-systems and modules using a common database, information is more easily shared and communicated through your organization. 

A good system will not only help you within your business, but will improve communication with your customers and vendors.   It is becoming increasingly important for a business to work efficiently and effectively with customers and vendors via their computer systems.

AKA Software Services is dedicated to state of the art business application software for P.O.P. businesses.  Besides our direct experience with Display businesses, we are also dedicated to staying knowledgeable in our own industry. P.O.P.S.S. Inc. has technical expertise with the newest and best software development tools,.   We adhere to certain methodologies and techniques in system analysis and design, data structure design, program specifications, code writing, testing and user training. 

P.O.P.S.S. has been designed to address the particular needs of the P.O.P. Display industry.   It provides powerful tools for tracking a job from inception and design to completed delivery.  The cornerstone objectives are to meet deadlines, track production and to determine a job's true profit in the end. This is accomplished by creating links of information across various phases in order to eliminate data redundancy and insure accuracy. 

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System Overview

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